• Research projects commissioned by the nuclear industry
  • Method development tailored to customer needs
  • Strong links with academia

Research Areas

  • Development of novel procedures for the measurement of α and pure β emitting nuclides
  • High precision isotopic ratio measurements for U and Pu source apportionment studies
  • Biodegradation of liquid scintillation cocktails
  • Distribution of 99Tc in marine sediments
  • Distribution of alpha emitting radionuclides in intertidal sediments
  • Mechanisms for the deposition of short lived naturally occurring radionuclides and their impact on nuclear site environmental monitoring programmes
  • Development of in-situ automated sampling equipment
  • Use of radionuclides in environmental process studies
  • Development of rapid and automated analytical techniques

GAU-Radioanalytical actively participates and supports research and development and sees it underpinning the group’s commercial operations. As well as undertaking commercial R & D programmes, GAU-Radioanalytical is committed to an ongoing programme of R & D in the fields of radioanalytical chemistry, waste remediation and environmental process studies.

The group sponsors and supervises postgraduate research and maintains facilities and equipment in support of these research programmes. Whenever practical, the findings of these research programmes are published in peer reviewed international scientific journals ensuring the widespread dissemination of information.