GAU-Radioanalytical deliver and develop courses for industry and academia. These are targeted at the specific needs of the customer and cover radioanalytical techniques, X-ray spectrometry, liquid scintillation spectrometry, radiation safety and project management of analytical programmes both for analysts and end users. Tailored courses to address specific training needs can also be provided that range from one day seminars to extended research-based training programmes.
Senior GAU-Radioanalytical staff are actively involved in training at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level within the University of Southampton.

Training Areas

  • Radioanalytical method-specific training
  • Instrument specific training (Pyrolyser and Quantulus)
  • Radioanalytical training at nuclear laboratories
  • Radiochemistry for the End-user
  • Nuclear site investigations handbook
  • Masters and PhD programmes of research in environmental radioactivity

Radiochemistry End-Users Course

A course to enable project managers to:

  • Liaise more effectively with analytical laboratories
  • Select appropriate analyses for their requirements and ensure that suitable samples are submitted
  • Understand the limitations and assess the quality of data

Topics covered include:

  • Sources of radioactivity
  • Legislation and analytical requirements
  • Sampling protocols
  • Radioanalytical techniques and in-situ analysis

The course has been run at numerous sites including:
UKAEA Winfrith, Harwell, Risley, HPA & Golders Associates, Nottingham

Method Specific Training

GAU offer training on specific methods that have been developed in-house including use of the Pyrolyser furnace for tritium and 14C measurements as well as in depth training on the use of liquid scintillation counters.

Customers who have benefited from GAU method training include

  • Health Protection Agency (Chilton)
  • Magnox Electric Ltd (Chapelcross, Dungeness)
  • VT Nuclear Services (Westlakes)
  • Society for Radiation Protection
  • DSTL (Alverstoke)
  • Babcocks BES (Rosyth)
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment
  • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
  • Korea Institiute of Nuclear Safety (KINS)