Environmental geochemistry

  • The use of foraminifera as indicators of marine pollution
  • Evolution of the Jiangfenling granite complex, China
  • Migration of elements in saltmarshes; diagenesis and pollution
  • High resolution geochemical studies of eastern Mediterranean sapropels
  • Influence of rising sea level on ecosystem dynamics of salt marshes
  • Analytical enhancement and validation of the high-resolution ItraX µXRF core scanner

Environmental radioactivity

  • Radionuclide and geochemical studies of recent sediments from the Solent estuarine system
  • Pure beta emitters in the estuarine environment
  • Accumulation & migration of radionuclides in the Ravenglass salt marsh
  • Biodegradation of liquid scintillation cocktails
  • Mechanisms for accumulation and migration of 99Tc in estuarine systems
  • Source apportionment of U and Pu contamination in the environment using multi-collector mass spectrometry
  • Neptunium distribution, mobility and bioavailability in soils and sediments
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of plutonium radioisotopes in Bristol Channel sediment
  • Attachment and remediation of radionuclides in drinking water biofilms
  • Mechanisms of accumulation of organically-bound tritium in the estuarine environment
  • Understanding the contribution of naturally occurring radionuclides to the measured radioactivity in environmental samples

Radioanalytical chemistry and decommissioning

  • Fundamental studies of methods for tritium analysis in environmental and construction materials
  • Production of high capacity iron sulphides to decontaminate radioactive or chemical pollutants
  • Development of novel methods for tritium determination in decommissioning samples