Our range of specialist services is sought by the Nuclear, Petroleum, Geological, Geotechnical, Pharmaceutical and Cement Industries as well as Defence and Local Government sectors. We play a significant role in support of UK nuclear decommissioning projects through low level waste characterisation, radionuclide fingerprinting and contaminated land and building surveys. Our expertise also covers NORM analysis, XRF analysis, X-radiography, and laboratory-scale investigations (e.g. soil washing, electrokinetic soil treatment and decontamination of radionuclides).

  • Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Waste Characterisation
  • Waste Remediation Research
    • Removal of Pu contamination from soils
    • Removal of U and other contaminants from clay-rich soils
    • Study of soil washing for tritium remediation
    • Decontamination of aqueous solutions using bone-char
  • Petroleum Sector
    • NORM Analysis
    • Analysis of catalyst residues from marine fuel oils
    • Core logging and interpretation
      (X-radiography, non-destructive XRF analysis)
    • ItraX combined radiography and XRF core logger