GAU-Radioanalytical has partnered with JF-Computing to develop a range of computer software packages to comprehensively support its QA and QC systems as well as for efficient processing of laboratory data derived from its instruments. All software is commercially available from the GAU.

The GAU-LIMS system is a highly integrated, web-based, laboratory information and management system produced as a bespoke system for the GAU. It is used for job control, quality assurance, performance monitoring, quality control and financial management.

Isoinventory is a radionuclide inventory database maintaining records of radioactive material holdings, usage and disposal and which underpins the group’s protocols for ensuring compliance with the Radioactive Substances Act, 1993.

LSC+ has been developed to enable rapid and accurate processing of liquid scintillation data. The software extracts information from liquid scintillation data output files from both Packard and Wallac counters, dramatically reducing data processing times and eliminating transcription errors. Raw count rate data are combined with instrument calibration and supporting analytical data to determine sample activity concentrations. The software incorporates statistical and quality control features to enable the integrated assessment of data against predefined acceptance criteria.

ItraX-PLOT is a data visualisation software package that enables the efficient display of elemental data and images acquired from the ItraX sediment core scanner. Rapid visualisation is an important part of the evaluation process for downcore textural, elemental and radiographic profiles. ItraX data files are easily opened and an intuitive user-interface readily allows graphical images and data to be manipulated, smoothed, adjusted, highlighted and formatted. No original data are modified at any stage.